The Purpose of Implementing Sand Blasting Machine in Industries

As the world develops and is in competition with each other with regards to construction and trade, the use of various applications and equipment to ease the work has been introduced. The objective of introduction of such equipment is to increase the productivity and also to quicken the work progress. The booming population world over has led to countries adopting ways and means to increase their productivity.

With ease and productivity comes the question of quality. To ensure high-quality and reliability, the construction field and other industries are very careful and choosy when it comes to their work materials. The aim is to provide the best product for the people while taking their safety into construction.

When it comes to construction, many types of equipment needs to work in harmony in order to complete the entire process harmoniously. One of the equipment which many will be unaware of but has an utmost importance in construction and other industries is the sandblasting machine.

What is a Sand Blasting Machine?

The sandblasting or abrasive machine is a type of equipment which works under high pressure and uses silicon sand typically used to clean mechanical service. This machine effectively cleans paint, rust and other contaminants from the metallic surface. Hence it is highly applicable in infrastructures, ships, and other vehicles.

This process is vital in all metallic structures before it undergoes coating as it helps prevent damage and perfection before the material is coated with a protective layer. Sandblasting is the strongest method of cleaning metal surface among various other methods of abrasive cleaning.

This method is also used for creating a signage on wood and glass to create an authentic look. Many hotels and resorts use this type of signage to create a traditional and homely look. The high pressure from this machine can be used tactfully to engrave signs on cemetery monuments.

The most important use of this machine is in cleaning the hull of ships, metals in construction as well as for other brick, stone, and concrete works.

Types of sandblasting machine and methods employed

The most commonly used type of sand blasting machine is the portable sand blasting machine. This type of machine being portable can be moved to different places and are often found mounted on semi-trailers to be carried to different locations. The lighter version of this type can be moved freely and are easy to use.

Blast cabinet is another type of sand blasting machine which as the name suggests has a cabinet and is a closed form of the machine where blasting of contaminants as well as recycled. This machine has various functions which include cleaning, recycling and also the collection of dust materials. These machines are used especially in large industries

The third type of sandblasting is the sand blast room. This is bigger than a cabinet and here the operation is done in a room and it has a recycling system more powerful than the blast cabinet system.

The methods employed by the sand blasting machines are with silicon sand, which is the most common method employed it all industries, soda blasting, glass bead blasting, steel sandblasting and the bristle blasting and much more. The different types of blasting are employed according to the surface to be blasted and the specific type of grit that is desired to be achieved.

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